My name is Alohajay. I am called by spirit to teach the drum. I LOVE playing the drum. I started playing and singing quietly with the drum. With practice, I just played and sang without being self critical of my voice and strive for perfection. Spirits are a little deaf. I now play the drum and sing loudly. I love hearing my voice and resonance that goes along with the drum beat - spirit of the drum. Teaching people to open their heart, to the magical experience of building and singing with the drum, This is how the drum journey began...

Back in April 2009, I attended a Grant McEwan Holistic Health Fair. One of the first year students as doing a presentation on Tarot cards. I picked a card during the presentation and the card was a native drum.


In May I constructed my first native drum. It was deer hide drum. During the summer, I played the drum and practiced singing a sundance song on the North Saskatchewan River Bank or at a ridge overlooking the Hawlark park.


July 2009, I was walking the arts walk festival in Edmonton. I met a native friend who had a arts and crafts booth. After a chit chat, I wanted to purchase a Indian necklace. Their were so many hanging on the rack. I said " you choose one for me". My friend intuitively picked one out. It had a buffalo on it.

I went to a leather company in late July 2009, shopping for some leather for making drum sticks. The cashier offered my a catalog and it had a buffalo on it.


In August, on my way back from Edson, Alberta, I took a rest stop at a park, and took out the drum and practised for 30 minutes. A man heard me playing as he approched and asked a me if I was making drums? . I shyly said “yes”. We both exchanged contact information. Were the spirits telling me something? In August, I was playing on a bench overlooking a ravine and when I looked behind me, a lady was standing. She approached me with teary eyes and was heartfelt by the song that I was playing. We struck a conversation, and as she left she gave a sage gift offerring. In gratitude, I did a tobacco prayer and sang the four directions song for her. Another sign in September, when I met author Steven Farmer while he was in Edmonton. After a book signing, a group of people went to dinner with him. and during the dinner, the person next to me was talking about a drum. Steven Farmer looked at me a said “you are ready to teach drums”. Well my mouth dropped to the floor. Then while at Steven Farmer’s retreat he said to me a second time “you are ready to teach drums”. "Spirits I hear you !" In September, I built a buffalo drum. While in October, a buffalo spirit came to me in a dream showing me a drum/

After a drumming circle in November, a Pervian Shaman gifted me hair from a white Buffalo.


Clearly the are Spirit signs giving me direction to move forward.. I have taken initiative to go in that direction.

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